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-To the Ends of the World


This journey has been a remarkable one, but we know there is more yet to come. Andrea Matos has been called to missions once she has laid eyes on the most beautiful place on earth: Mozambique.

Andrea currently leads as a youth pastor at Temple Rock of my Salvation, alongside her husband Argenis. Seasoned with experience blended with the desire for challenge in the next chapter of life: MISSIONS.

Life is quite extoadinary and unpredictable, but the story of when God changed his life resides without question in mind. Some people like Argenis grew up with no hope or understanding of life’s purpose. Allow his testimony to speak volume as to how God has power to change and renew.

Studied and devoting his life to graphic design, with experience in videography, photography, and printing, now he uses those skills to a meaningful passionate desire for churches.