It’s our passion to reach anyone with the common goal of presenting Christ using whatever possible assets. As part of our vision to market and document our missions, we have used for everyone our services to provide professional video production.

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Our Story

It was after High School Argenis was unsure what he wanted to be in life, so he randomly picked any school just to seem like an accomplishment was made. He studied visual communication and realized through a teacher’s conversation that there was potential in art. That creativity through a pen, brush, or digital pad could become a future. After years serving in ministry it was discovered that the combination of art and church was wonderfully compatible due to the nature of promotions. A video camera and an eye of film developed at an early age dabbling with an old vcr camcorder making foolish movies, as well as the inspiration gathered from favorite movies, an eye to not only shoot, but to direct a story frame by frame. Life has progressed to having a camera as a necessity to communicate our vision and mission, together Argenis and Andrea have embraced our life on social media platforms to give awareness to the message of hope and our calling to missions.


We are thrilled with the video, it accomplished exactly what we spoke about. You and Andrea are served God’s people at LSC with excellence. From out time meeting about the video, to your flexibility with scheduling a date to film, the editing time and the final product. We have not had direct visits from the fb ads but we also know it takes a long time to build trust through social media marketing. The video helps us make our church more familiar to people who may eventually come. Thank you again. We are tracking your progress and so excited to see you are getting close to reaching your pledges.

Pastor Jonathan Papa, Lead Pastor at LifeSource Church

Go Matos did a phenomenal job with Hope Speaks NYC women’s conference promo video! I recommend you contact him for your video needs!

Xiomara Beltre, Manages Hope Speaks

We were so blessed by the work of our Argenis and Andrea Matos. They were so easy to work with and produce such a great video product. We posted their video on our Facebook account and got over 7800 views. We were amazed. They worked inside our budget and truly helped us. We fully recommend them. 

Pastor John Bechtel, Calvary Assembly of God, Springfield, NJ

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